Open Optimization Library

Easy-to-use High-level Optimization Codes

The Open Optimization Library (OOL) is a set of optimization codes written in C, under the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) standards. All the algorithms, implemented in OOL, were published in well known optimization journals. Initially, we present methods for minimization of functions subject to simple (box) bounds.


Our aim is to provide an open-source optimization library, made of classic and modern constrained optimization methods, suited to solving real practical applications. In this way, our library is GSL compliant. We hope that this alliance will provide an almost complete and usable scientific-code development environment. Moreover, there are the benefits of using a free scientific library (as described in the GSL site) under the GNU General Public License,


So far, the library implements three methods for minimization of differentiable functions subject to simple bound constraints:


There are many ways to contribute to this project. Below, we suggest some.


OOL is developed as a free software, released under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).


The current realese is 0.2.0. For information concerning download, please look at the OOL resource page at


There is a pre-released of the Reference Manual: [HTML] [PS] [PDF].


For more information about OOL, please contact any of the authors:


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